1 November 2013

How much can I earn on the internet?

There is no exact figure for you. You may earn $0 monthly, you might earn from $10 to $100 monthly and maybe you are an experienced person with a lot of skills and professional ideas who
can earn up to $50,000 monthly such as John Cow Does. John Cow is one of the top internet marketers and entrepreneur from USA who claims to earn upto $50,000 monthly from his blogging activities and online marketing skills [reference:www.johncow.com]. Also, there are average bloggers and entrepreneurs who make $500 to $2000 or higher than this. Moreover, there are bloggers who make $5000 to $10000 monthly only from their websites such as Harsh Agarwal (Shoutmeloud.com), Mustafa Ahmedzai (MyBloggerTricks.com), Amit Agarwal (Labnol.org), Syed Balkhi (Wpbeginner.com) and so on.
But once again, there is no exact answer for you, because you can’t say how much will you earn right now on monthly bases. This all will depend on your online reputation, your followers, your skills, your hard work and absolutely will depend on your business. Once you get started, you’ll start make money, slowly and gradually your earning will grow, but it will need your continue attention and care of your content, business or whatsoever you do on the internet.