1 November 2013

Can I earn $500 to $2000 easily on the internet?

Yes you can, but not easily. If you started a website with a little investment at the beginning and you worked hard for almost 2 years then it may become true and that You’ll earn between
$500 and $2000 or higher than this figure. What you’ll actually need to do is; start your first website with a niche topic/idea in mind, work day and night to attract people and make the difference in online world, keep working till a year and promote your work everywhere on the internet. After a year when your first blog/website is successful then create another one with another great idea, so 50% out of 100% of your old readers/visitors will follow your new website/blog from the first day. After 1 and half year you may start your third website with one more great idea, and you’ll reach your target of making $2000 monthly from the internet, because by using your website you can offer services to the Worldwide audience and customers, also you may sell your products through your website and you can make money by displaying advertisements on your website. Affiliate commission is another great way to reach your target.

You actually need to build your business, and it starts from 0% out of 100%, so whenever you start a business you try to do something new which can attract people and get attention of the world. Because if you started with the same thing already being done by others then I don’t think so you’ll get success. This is a common nature that everyone in the world likes and notice new things and new ideas. So you should go the same way.