28 October 2013

How to Outsource Email Marketing Tasks and Still Get the Benefits?

As you always hear “money is in the list.”
But to make money from your email list, you need to have big number of subscribers and also engage with them.
But of course, you don’t have all that time to build your email list and then lose them because you didn’t engage with them.
In today’s post in this outsourcing series, we’ll talk about some email marketing tasks to outsource to make your audience more engaged and still get the benefits.

1- Creating and scheduling your email broadcasts:

Getting subscribers is the beginning, but getting them engaged is what you need.
That’s why you should send them emails occasionally. Try to send them one email every week. But don’t take this as a standard, test to know the best schedule to follow with your subscribers.
Instead of creating the emails yourself, you could outsource this task and still get your audience engaged.
You could give your worker some topics to write about and he will do the rest for you.

2- Editing/proofreading emails:

For me, I love to write for my audience. No one knows them better than me.
I love to interact with them. Subscribe to Chris Brogan newsletter to know more about what I mean.
But having a lot of silly mistakes affect your credibility negatively. That’s why you should hire an editor/proofreader to edit/proofread your emails before you send them.

3- Adding/removing subscribers from your list:

Sometimes you want to remove subscribers from your list. Maybe, because they’re inactive.
Instead of going and searching for those email subscribers, you could send this task to your worker and he will do it for you.
It’s that simple.

4- Creating an auto responder:

After someone subscribes, if you don’t engage with them in the first month, they’ll be inactive.
That’s why you should create an auto responder that teaches them more about your topic and make them love you.
But it takes a lot of time to plan for your autoresponder and more time to actually write it.
You could outsource the writing task and get your write to write about the topics that you shared with him.
You could also outsource the planning and writing tasks together, so you save yourself more free time.

5- Editing your auto responder:

If you’re still like me, then you’d love to write the auto responder emails yourself.
But as I said, you may have silly mistakes, so you lose your credibility and it will harm you more than it would benefit you.
You could also outsource it to your editor to check it before you schedule them.

Last Words:

This is how you could outsource your email marketing and still get the value out of your list.
Did you outsource your email marketing campaigns before? Tell me in the comment.