22 November 2013

5 Best SEO Tips To Use The Keywords Effectively

5 Best SEO Tips To Use The Keywords Effectively

SEO is a 1st term, and keyword is an essential part of SEO. Keywords are nothing but the search terms that people use on various search engines to
search the topics related to those keywords. Keywords play an important role to increase your blog’s search engine ranking.
Now here are some tips to use keywords for optimizing your blog post :

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Choose Your Keywords :

Start with any keyword checker tool, and choose keywords for your blog. Choose primary as well as secondary keywords for your blog. Use Google AdWords tool for keyword research. The keywords with low competition and high searches will help you to gain high-ranking is search results.

Use Keywords In Your Post Title :

After deciding the keywords for your blog, the next step is to use those keywords within the post title. Remember post’s title is the first thing which is crawled by search engines, hence to use keyword or keyword phrase in post’s title will tell the search engine what exactly the post is about.

Use Keywords In Headings And Sub-Heading:

You must use headings and subheadings in our posts to make your post attractive and seo rich/friendly. It’s a fact that readers take interest to read posts that are divided in parts by headings and sub-headings rather than long paragraphs. So why not to attract search engines also with your headings and sub-headings. Use of <h2> and <h3> tags for your post’s headings and sub-headings and use your keyword or keyword phrases in them. Attract search engine crawlers by using your primary keywords in the <h2> and <h3> tag. Even search engine spiders respect the <h2> and <h3> tags and when you use keyword in those tags it will be more beneficial to you.

Use Keywords In Anchor Tag:

Most of you are aware of anchor tag and their importance in SEO. Anchor tags are used for denoting links, try to use your keywords in anchor tags. Search engine crawlers give more priorities to link rather than to simple text, Hence using keywords around Anchor tag will improve your blog’s search engine ranking.

Use Keywords In ALT Tag:

Image makes the post interesting. If you are having an image in your blog post, use your keyword in alt tag, this will improve your blog’s search engine ranking. The alt tag will tell the search engine spider about your blog post.

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